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Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Patented dry ice blasting technology from Cryonomic®.

As an environmentally friendly technique, more and more users are enjoying dry ice blasting, which is comparable to conventional high pressure blasting technology, but uses solid carbon dioxide, called dry ice, at a temperature of -78°C as the blasting medium.

The very cold pellets (CO2) are used to cool and embrittle stubborn dirt. This makes it particularly easy to remove the deposits from the substrate.

    As an exclusive partner of the manufacturer Cryonomic®, we can supply you with top quality dry ice blasting systems in single and twin-hose versions, as well as Cryonomic dry ice blasting systems with an abrasive effect.

    The wide range of applications for dry ice blasting makes it an essential cleaning technology today.

    Key Benefits

    • Quick and effective cleaning method
    • Extremely low residue volume
    • No disposal costs
    • Gentle on surfaces
    • Wide range of applications
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Economical and increasing the output