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RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH

In addition to our extensive range of products, we also offer our customers a range of services relating to the various applications.

Technical advice

Sandblasting needs experts: We can advise you on the possibilities of sandblasting. Which process is suitable for which application and much more. Convincing and competent.

All the expertise you need from one source

Whether you have questions about surfaces to be cleaned, different blasting media options or blasting technology in general, our expertise and excellent contacts enable us to provide you with targeted advice and support.

  • Which blasting process is right for which application?
  • What are the applications?
  • What are the differences between machines?
  • What can be sandblasted?
  • Which abrasives are suitable and how do they differ?
  • What are the benefits of sandblasting?
  • How do the different principles work?
  • What are the applications for sandblasting?

We can give you comprehensive advice on these and many other topics. A fair price-performance ratio is important to us because we want you to benefit from our many years of experience.

We base our advice on your goals and needs and use our professional expertise to answer your questions.

Product variety

There's nothing impossible: Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market and cooperation with many well-known manufacturers and suppliers, we offer the right product for every process. Whether it is sandblasting technology, cleaning technology or surface technology: Find out more about the product diversity of RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH.

The variety of our products from renowned manufacturers and suppliers leaves nothing to be desired.

As a supplier of sandblasting products of all kinds, we work together with many well-known manufacturers to find the best solution for your application.

  • Deburring
  • Roughening
  • Cleaning
  • Material removal
  • Rust removal
  • Compacting
  • Paint stripping

We support and guide you through your project: You tell us what you need and we will find the optimum solution for you, considering also the economic aspects - everything from a single source: This makes RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH your special partner.

Rental Park

We are your reliable partner for rental products. We offer quality for rent as an ideal supplement. The wide range of rental products from RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH allows you to optimise your requirements with optimum cost efficiency.

  • You can rent quality!
  • You can rent reliable quality from us. Discover high-performance sandblasting products for your needs.
  • We only offer quality products from well-known manufacturers and are constantly expanding our range of rental products.
  • We can also provide customised rental systems for special processes.
  • Tell us your requirements and we will let you know which product is best suited to your process.

Contact us for a consultation without any obligation.

Demonstration and Test Centre

Which process is right for your application?

Which abrasive best meets your requirements?

You can find out this and much more in person at RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH's test centre.

Professional equipment for testing

With our professional equipment you can convince yourself of our systems on site. In the RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH demonstration centre, we will show you which blasting technology options are available to meet your requirements and which process will produce the best results for you.

Of course, you can also try out our blasting systems under expert guidance in our test centre and convince yourself of our equipment:

  • Injector blasting (suction blasting)
  • Pressure blasting
  • Wet sand blasting
  • Dry ice blasting
  • High pressure water blasting

We can also tell you which blast media to use to achieve the right result for your surfaces. Whether it is glass beads, aluminium oxide or nutshell, all blasting media can be tested to give you the perfect finish.

Make an appointment today and bring your workpiece to be treated. We will be happy to arrange a personal demonstration for you.

Contact us today!

Financing Service

Contact us for a customised financing offer for your new blasting system. We will be happy to provide you with a competitive and fair quote through our exclusive finance partner.

Take advantage of our all-round service for your new investment through leasing.

Together with our contractual partner, we will prepare a customised leasing offer for your investment project.

Protect your reserves and benefit from the advantages of leasing:

  • Constant lease payments
  • Fixed period
  • Tailored conditions
  • Preservation of liquidity
  • Deductible lease payments 
  • Neutral balance sheet

   and many more!

Contact us now!