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RBI sandblasting nozzles and blasting technology

RBI - Expert for surface technology

As a supplier of blasting equipment, RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH is a leading company and your efficient partner when it comes to high-quality blasting technology. Abrasive blasting technology, or blasting for short, is a branch of surface technology and includes various methods of surface treatment. As an innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH has made an excellent name for itself in the manufacture of ceramic products and in particular in the manufacture of nozzles. We see ourselves as your efficient business partner and offer industry, trade, authorities and users sophisticated solutions with blasting technology products for all types of surface treatment in Germany and throughout Europe. With us you get a proven all-round service: You get everything from one source - from individual blast nozzles to blast cabinets and complete blasting systems.


RBI - Specialist dealer, supplier and manufacturer of sandblasting products and equipment

RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH - our company stands for competence and continuous development of the materials boron carbide, silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. Innovative in-house developments such as DuruCarb make RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH a leading company in the field of abrasive blasting technology.

As a customer of RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH, you benefit in many ways: We stand for competent advice, great expertise, short delivery times, sustainable customer service, excellent value for money and a comprehensive range of blasting technology products.


All about sandblasting and cleaning technology. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to optimise your purchasing, then you have come to the right place:


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Sandstrahltechnik Onlineshop


With our online shop, you have found a tool that gives you everything you need to process surfaces in just a few clicks. Give it a try!


Blasting equipment

High quality RBI sandblasting products such as hoses, nozzles, cabins, personal protective equipment, abrasives and much more.

Persönliche Schutzausrüstung

Industrial Safety

Whether for simple standard blasting applications or for professional users: Personal protective equipment and helmets, protective clothing, protective headgear.

Schläuche für Profi-Anwendungen


The right hose for every application. Sandblasting hoses, dimensionally stable suction hoses, control hoses, compressed air hoses or breathing air hoses.

Alle Arten von Kompressoren


Piston compressors, mobile compressors for construction work or special solutions such as compressors for dental applications. We offer the right choice of compressed air technology.

Unternehmen Frontansicht


RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH has been offering standard and customised solutions for all requirements of sandblasting and surface technology since 2005.

RBI - Know-how and competence for blasting technology

Blasting technology means the perfect surface treatment of a material or workpiece. As an original equipment manufacturer, the specialists at RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH know how to do it! With our innovative products, blasting processes and mechanical surface modifications are achieved with the highest precision.

An integral part of our company philosophy is to provide our business partners with expert advice on all aspects of abrasive blasting technology and to deliver our high-quality abrasive blasting products reliably and as quickly as possible. For this reason, RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH has an efficient network throughout Europe. A customer-oriented after-sales service is a matter of course and rounds off our complete range of blasting technology.

If you would like to convince yourself of the outstanding quality of RBI blasting technology products, we look forward to your visit. A blasting test centre is available to interested customers at our headquarters in Berkheim. In our test centre you can put the high-quality blasting systems from RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH to the test under expert guidance.  We will be happy to advise you personally on our blasting nozzles, the wide range of blasting accessories, the various blasting media and the necessary occupational safety in blasting technology.

Get in contact with us, as an OEM RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH has the solution for all the challenges of  the blasting industry!

All about sandblasting and cleaning technology. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to optimise your purchasing, then you have come to the right place:


Phone: +49 8395 9126080   E-Mail:   Online Shop