Pressure Blasting Systems

RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH's high-quality pressure blast pots are easy to use, robust and ideal for cleaning, roughening, derusting, blasting and deburring surfaces and workpieces. The pressure pot guarantees constant pressure and rapid readiness for all blasting operations without unnecessary waiting times. The ease of use of the free-jet units allows fast and highly efficient work in mobile applications. We offer pressure pots in various sizes for mobile or stationary use. The blast pots all score with impressive efficiency and long service life.

The blasting experts at RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH will advise you in detail on the possible combinations of pot sizes, pipe diameters and accessories.

RBI Sandstrahltechnik GmbH will provide you with the optimum pressure blasting pot for your individual requirements!

Would you like to know more about our low pressure blasting pots? We look forward to hearing from you!